Hamsters After Dark – Softcover


An open cage… A daring escape… A night of mischief

Embark on an adventure with Rufus and his playful siblings as they stir up trouble during their nighttime escapades. From games and snacks to encountering the cat, the mischievous antics of these adorable rascals will keep you laughing and giggling.

A perfect bedtime story with clever rhymes and lively illustrations that will amuse both children and parents alike. “Hamsters After Dark” invites children to explore a world of imagination.

Grab your copy and enjoy these masters of mischief today!

This picture book is 32 page – Printed in the USA
Book measures 10 x 8 inches

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Hamsters After Dark – Softcover
32 page Picture Book – Printed in the USA
Book measures 10 x 8 inches

ISBN – 978-0982823507
Publisher – Stinky Sneakers Media (September 2010)


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