Acrylic Painting … or Illustration

I take a lot of reference photos and once in awhile I will get a shot that just needs to be put on canvas. The Barn was a photo I snapped a couple summers ago.

Waucedah Barn
Faithorn Barn

When painting my whimsical characters like silly birds I tend to be methodical, finishing one area before going on to the next.  When painting landscapes I am trying to get an overall feel for the color and then come back in with detail.

I am also trying to loosen up my painting style and be a little more “painterly” as opposed to illustrating with paint.  I envy artists that have a loose style and can paint quickly with lots of expressive strokes.  So far I have been able to speed up the amount of time it takes to finish a painting.

The Barn – Step 1
The Barn – Step 2
The Barn – Step 3

I am happy with the way this painting turned out but it definitely has an illustrative style and not the painterly style I had first envisioned. More practice – more experimenting – more painting fun.

This design is available on Cards, Prints, and Canvas.

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