Playing in Photoshop

boy flying a kite with his toe

This is my latest doodle in Photoshop – a boy flying a kite with his toe. It is a fun program. I’m hoping to get into it a little more this winter since there are a lot of features that I haven’t used yet. This picture popped into my mind a few months back and I finally had a chance to draw it. The number of tools in Photoshop can be overwhelming, and then there are the adjustment settings one can play with. I have stayed with simple drawings so far to get more familiar with the basics.

Playing in Photoshop with some quick drawings is a nice way to warm up for a book project that I will be starting in December. Before I start that project I need to find out what colors reproduce in print and which ones fall flat. I will be getting my first test print back in a day or so. It would be much easier if what you saw on the screen was what gets printed. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Monitors are usually set to be overly bright so what is on the screen would print darker. I am hoping that it will be easy to adjust the brightness of my computer monitor so that what I create will look the same as the printed version. A little trial and error should get me close enough.

Always something new to learn …