Updating WordPress

updating WordPress with a wooden mallet
My computer is taunting me with the following – WordPress 3.1.3 is available! Please update now.

I have been putting off updating to the new version of WordPress. Updates scare me – they can be painless or they can smash your smooth running system to smithereens. I recently did a Windows update that totally crashed my computer. Couldn’t get it to boot up no matter what I tried. When I went to the forums I found there were many others who had installed that update and were in the same boat … thank you Bill Gates. I do nightly backups so I didn’t actually lose any files. However, it was a very time consuming process to get things as they were. Reinstalling everything, updating, and especially deleting and rearranging files since my auto restore put things back into every place they had ever been. Can you say duplication hell?

WordPress has been good to me – or at least the version I am running. My real dilemma is trying to figure out how to do a WordPress backup just in case this update goes horribly wrong. Even if I were to just keep the version I have, I really should have everything backed up so I can salvage links and comments in case WordPress experiences a hiccup. Yesterday I spent at least 6 hours trying out different backup Plugins. I’ve read WordPress tips and instructions and have also been to the forums. It is unfortunate that they are all speaking “Greek”. Having a task in limbo like this is very aggravating to me, but I may just have to let this one sit on the back burner for a bit longer …